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This could well be true - but I guarantee that, the more garish the site, the more flashing and sparkly-warkly parts assaulting your eyes, the prouder that seller will be of the horrible small beastie. ( Yes, she most likely designed it personally. )

This is a much better option. Of course , why lose out on what could actually be a hot seller particularly if others have passed it over, leaving you fantasically positioned to swoop up the brunt of its potential sales!

Others skip over this step because they're fearful the vendor will be offended and say "no".

Affiliate internet marketing has been a contributor to the rise of many companies online, including was one of the first adopters of internet marketing, and now has thousands of affiliate relationships.

A neater way to seat your obscene proposal is something more along the lines of : "That's a superb product and a very dynamic landing page, but my list tends to be a conservative bunch who think beige is too much color on a wall. Would you be O.K with me writing a sales letter that they are going to be so comfortable with, so it brings us both more sales?"

Whatever you do, don't contact the vendor and say, "Hey, your sale page sucks. I gotta rewrite it, is like a chimp went berserk in the dark, with a set of fluorescent paints and a banana."

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